Directors make a deal with Hollywood studios – level 1

Film and TV directors voted yes to a new three-year work deal with big Hollywood movie companies.

Another work stops because of the writers’ strike. Most directors agree with the deal. The group which represents the studios, like Walt Disney and Netflix, also agrees. The deal is good for the directors, assistant directors, and other people who work on movies and TV shows. The number of people who vote is higher than before.

Directors will get more money. The studios cannot replace their jobs with computers. Writers and actors are worried about computers, too. They are not working since May 2. They stop TV shows and movies like ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Game of Thrones’. They don’t talk about a new deal yet.

Difficult words: strike (to stop working as a form of protest), represent (to present somebody or something to others), replace (to use something instead of something else).

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