Tween Snow and Fire

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“Tween Snow and Fire: A Tale of the Last Kafir War” is a novel written by Bertram Mitford, a British author. The book was published in 1888. It is a historical adventure novel set in South Africa during the late 19th century, a time when there were conflicts between European colonial forces and various indigenous groups in the region.

The “Kafir War” in the title refers to a series of conflicts and wars between the British and other European colonial powers and the various indigenous peoples of South Africa, including the Xhosa and Zulu, during the 19th century. These conflicts often revolved around land disputes, resource competition, and clashes of cultures.

The novel likely tells a fictionalized story set against this historical backdrop, and it may explore themes of adventure, conflict, and the interactions between different cultures during this tumultuous period in South African history. While the novel may not be as widely read today as some other works of classic literature, it remains a part of the historical and literary canon, providing insights into the colonial history of the region.


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