Poland protests – level 1

In Poland, a pregnant woman dies. Her name is Dorota. Her family thinks that Dorota can live if she can end her pregnancy.

Dorota dies because of an infection. Her water breaks in the 20th week of pregnancy. Her husband says that doctors don’t say that it is possible to end Dorota’s pregnancy. Another woman, Izabela, also died from an infection in the 22nd week of pregnancy. Last week, thousands of people protest because of Dorota’s death. Dorota’s death makes more people angry with the government.

Poland has strong laws against abortion. Some doctors are now afraid to do abortions even if it is necessary. Many people protest against the laws in recent years. Several pregnant women already die because of the strict laws.

Difficult words: pregnancy (the time when a woman is pregnant), infection (when bacteria or viruses cause disease in the body), abortion (ending a woman’s pregnancy).

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