Countries will not show a Disney movie – level 1

American film studio Pixar makes a new movie. The name of the movie is ‘Lightyear’. It is about an astronaut. His name is Buzz Lightyear.

Buzz, other astronauts, and their leader are on a dangerous planet. They try to go home. A woman kisses a woman in one scene of the movie. This scene is a problem for some people.

Some countries say that they will not show the movie. For example, these countries are Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Malaysia. They are Muslim countries. They believe it is a crime when a woman loves another woman. Also, it is a crime when a man loves a man.

China has a problem with the movie, too. China doesn’t want the scene in the movie. Disney removes the scene. Then it puts it back in.

Difficult words: scene (one part of a movie, play, or book), crime (an act or situation, which is against the rules of a country), remove (to take something away).

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