Problems in the sugar industry – level 1

Problems are starting in the sugar business.

One of the reasons is the war in Ukraine. Ukraine is one of the most important producers of sugar beet. The sugar beet is a plant. People use it to make sugar. Farmers in Ukraine stop harvesting the sugar beet. This is a problem for all the world. People need more and more sugar.

Companies don’t have enough sugar in stock. Soon, sugar may be hard to find. It will be more expensive.

The EU is the third largest producer of sugar. Some factories use coal or oil. Many factories need gas. The EU will stop buying gas from Russia.

Factories may not buy sugar beet from farmer. Farmers will have problems, too.

Difficult words: producer (a company or country which makes or grows something), harvest (to pick fruit and crops to eat), stock (material or things which a company uses or sells).

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