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Apple has official unveiled iOS 16, the next-generation version of its operating system for compatible iPhone models. As previous leaks and rumours suggested, Apple has introduced changes and improvements across the system at its annual WWDC keynote event. The software update to iOS 16 will arrive later this year on iPhone 8 and later devices — likely in September — and will feature improvements to the operating system, including an overhauled lock screen and notification system, along with improved and redesigned system apps. Developer previews will be available this week followed by a public beta next month, ahead of the public rollout later this year.

Improved lock screen support

The iOS 16 update will bring an improved Lock Screen experience later this year. Users will have access to wallpapers with widget-like capabilities. iOS will allow users to try and pick from different typefaces and colour filters. They can also add widgets for upcoming calendar events, workout status. Users can set up multiple widgets, and choose from a wallpaper gallery.

iOS 16 will also offer a Photo Shuffle mode that will allow users to automatically switch up their lockscreens. Developers can also use WidgetKit to make it easier to bring their content to the lockscreen. 

Apple has revamped notifications on iOS 16 to make them eaiser to access them with one hand. The lockscreen notifications on iOS will now scroll in from the bottom of the screen, making them easier to tap. Users can also pick from apps that make use of the Live Activities API to bring live game scores, check their Uber ride, or control music, from the lock screen, according to Apple. 

Focus Modes

Focus Modes were introduced with iOS 15, and Apple is bringing them to the lockscreen with iOS 16. Users can now activate Focus modes from the lock screen with a swipe from the lock screen. Focus filters will bring distraction control to apps as well, allowing users to filter out tabs, accounts, and features from apps like Safari and Mail. 

Improved Messages

Messages is getting a massive update, with the ability to edit messages. This is a feature that is offered on specific messaging apps, such as Telegram. Users can also undo sending of messages, allowing users to recall messages – this is a feature also offered on apps like Signal, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Users can also mark messages as unread, allowing them to come back to a conversation at a later time, according to Apple. 

Improvements to Dictation and Live Text

Apple has introduced a new on device dictation experience with iOS 16. The upcoming update will let users dictate text while leaving they keyboard open allowing them to add specific words or punctuation in. The dictation, which will be processed entirely on device, will also automatically add punctuation and emoji.

Live Text, which allows users to quickly interact with text from their phone’s camera app and Camera Roll has been expanded to videos. Users can now pause videos and copy text. Meanwhile, Apple will also bring Live Text with translation support. This means users can now translate text using their camera. iOS 16 will also allow usrs 

Apple Wallet

Sharing keys is coming to Apple Wallet, allowing users to share digital keys with other users via the Messages app, allowing them to access the same keys directly in their Wallet App. The company says it is also working with the IETF industry standard for support to share keys with non-Apple users. 

Apple also announced support for Apple Pay Later, a system to allow users to make four equal payments with zero interest and no fees. It can ve used everywhere Apple Pay is supported, according to the company. Apple will also let users check orders and track delivery. Apple has partnered with Shopify for the update. 

Apple Maps

The Cupertino company’s upcoming update will bring Apple Maps support to eleven more countries later this year.

Apple has also added the ability to multiple stops on Apple Maps. Riders will also be able to see public transit details, including the cost of travel. The company is also adding support to check transit card balance and receive alerts if the amount is running low. Users can also take advantage of support for Look Around on other apps, to see Street View like views of streets on third-party apps. 


The Apple News app is being updated with support for a My Sports section. US UK Canada and Australia. Apple News+ will bring access to premium sports coverage, according to Apple. 

Family Sharing

Apple has announced updates for Family Sharing, allowing parents to manage kids accounts. They will be able to set limits on what apps and content can be accessed. Kids can request more screen time on Messages with parents, and Apple is also adding support for quickly setting up


iCould Shared Photo Library is coming to iOS 16, allowing users to share photos with up to five other users. Users can select specific photos or a specific date range. Users can even choose to automatically choose who to share specific pictures as they are being clicked in the camera. All members will have equal permissions to edit and share images in the group. iCloud Shared Photos Library.


Safety Check will let users in abusive situations and relationships with a single button called Start Emergency Reset. It will reset privact permisions for all apps, stops sharing location, and protects all messages from other devices except the active device while logging out from other devices.

Last year, Apple brought several improvements to system apps with the ios 15 update, including FaceTime and iMessage. Users were able to share FaceTime “links” with other users on Android and PC, with full end-to-end encryption support. FaceTime also gained support for Spatial Audio, voice isolation, and a wide spectrum mode. Meanwhile, Apple News, Apple Music, Photos, Safari, Podcasts, and other apps were updated with a new Shared With You section for links and media sent by friends on iMessage. Users could also take advantage of Live Text to recognise and take actions on text in images using their camera. Notifications got a major boost with Focus modes, and Notification Summary, while system apps like Wallet, Maps and Weather were also updated with new features and improvements.

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