World’s hottest week – level 1

Climate change is a big problem. And it is getting worse. The United Nations says that the weather is changing a lot. It is causing a lot of trouble.

Last week is the hottest ever. The whole world is very hot. The average temperature is 17.18 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. That is the highest ever. People and a weather pattern called El Niño cause this problem. Scientists say that we will have even hotter days in the future.

The United States and China have very hot weather right now. Even Antarctica is warming up. This is not good for the animals that live there. Diseases can spread more easily. We need to do something to stop climate change and protect our planet.

Difficult words: climate change (the world getting hotter), average (a number which we get when we add more numbers together and divide them by the number of numbers which we add together), weather pattern (when the weather stays the same for some time).

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