Servings: 2

  • 6 oz Franks Buffalo Wing Sauce 180 ml, or hot sauce of your choice
  • 6 tbs unsalted butter 90 g
  • 2 oz honey 60 ml
  • 4 slices of a thick bread like sourdough
  • 4 oz cooked chicken thigh meat pulled and shredded 113 g
  • 4 oz yellow American cheese 113 g
  • 1 oz gorgonzola crumbled 28 g, or bleu cheese
  • 2 tbsp unsalted butter 30 g
  1. In a sauce pan add hot sauce, butter and honey. **
  2. (For the recipe if you are making the ratio is 2 parts hot sauce, 1 part butter, and 1/2 part honey)
  3. Add the cooked chicken to enough sauce to coat it liberally, set aside
  4. Place the four slices of bread on a platter and begin topping each slice with 1/4 of the American cheese until it is all used up.
  5. Divide the chicken between two of the slices, placing the shredded buffalo chicken on top of the American cheese.
  6. Add the gorgonzola crumbles on top of the chicken, divide between the two sandwiches.
  7. Place the top slice with the rest of the American cheese on top of the sandwich you just built.
  8. In a large frying pan or griddle on medium high heat, place half the butter and allow to melt, placing the grilled cheese onto the hot melted butter.
  9. Allow to brown slightly, then gently remove from the pan
  10. Add the rest of the butter to the pan and flip the sandwiches over to brown the other side
  11. Allow to continue to cook over low heat until the cheese has melted.
  12. Slice in half and serve immediately with plenty of napkins!

**Here is the tricky part, you want to get the sauce almost to point of boiling, but do not let it boil, or get too hot. If the sauce gets too hot it will begin to separate. I actually get the sauce hot enough to melt the butter, then turn off the heat. By not over heating the sauce it will stay rich and thick and give the wings a wonderful coating.