Camason Rechargeable Air Pump Tire Inflator Cordless Portable Compressor


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  • Brand Name: Camason
  • Item Width: 6cm
  • Model Name: AP2
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Item Height: 3.8cm
  • Item Type: Pumps
  • Item Weight: 360g
  • Item Diameter: 38m
  • Plug Type: EU
  • Material Type: ABS PC metal
  • Item Length: 15.2cm
  • Color: black
  • Type: Portable air pump
  • use: Inflatable tools for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, balloons, etc.
  • built-in battery: 2000mAh lithium battery
  • Advantage: with mobile power function
  • Advantages 1: With LED lights
  • Advantage 2: Built-in battery
  • Purpose: Inflate for tires
  • Optional air pressure unit: PSI, BAR, KPA, Kg/cm2
  • Material Type: Metal Body
  • Charging interface: Type-C
  • Product size: 38*60*152mm
  • Inflation pressure: 120PSI(MAX)
  • No-load flow: 20L/M
  • Charging temperature: 0~45℃
  • Working temperature: -10 ~ 60℃
  • Charging input: Type-C 5V/2A
  • USB Output: 5V/2A
  • Charging time: 2.5~4.5h
  • Pressure accuracy:  /- 1PSI
  • LED lighting: 1W





Portable Smart Tire Inflator

This is a Smart air pump, which can inflate car tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, basketballs, lifebuoys, etc.
With USB output interface and tire pressure detection,it can be used as a mobile power supply to charge mobile phones.

Automatically record preset values

The air pressure value set last time is automatically recorded, and the next time it is used in the same scene, there is no need to set it.
The scene switch and preset pressure value are automatically saved by the software.


Type-c charging interface and USB output interface

1.Type-c charging connector, compatible with most smartphone charging cables.list will give away charging cable.The USB charger is recommended to use 5V/2A. (not included charger)
2.With USB output interface, Can be used as a mobile power supply to power other devices.

AIR pump comes with LED lights.

Long press the [U] key to turn on or off the LED light, which can provide illumination at night.

Easy to carry.

The air pump has a built-in battery and can complete the inflation process without external power supply.
Small size, very convenient to carry when traveling.

Smart stop inflation

When the measured pressure reaches the preset pressure, stop inflation automatically.Don’t worry about excessive inflation.

Application scene and Unit switching

Short press mode selection key [SET],you can choose 5 inflatable scene modes.
Short press the unit switch key [U], you can switch the air pressure display unit.

Tire pressure detection

After switching on, connect the air pump to the Inflatable devices,The air pump will automatically display the current pressure value of Inflatable devices.


Product advantages:

1. Built-in battery, no need for external power supply during inflation.
2. USB output port can charge mobile phone
3. LED display screen accurately displays tire pressure and preset value.
4. A variety of modes and air pressure units can be switched.
5. Automatically memorize the last preset value to facilitate the next application.
6. With LED lights.
7. Inflate faster and save time.
8. utomatically stop inflation when the preset value is reached.


Packing List

1 * Smart air pump
1 * Air Hose
1 * Ball Air Needle
1 * Air Nozzle Adapter
1 * Swimming Ring Nozzle
1 * Type- C USB Cable
1 * Storage Bag
1 * User Manual


Product name: Portable smart air pump
Product size: 38*60*152mm
Weight: 340g
Inflation pressure: 120PSI(MAX)
Air Volume: 20L/M
Charging temperature: 0~45℃
Working temperature: -10~60℃
Battery capacity: 2000mah/ 7.4V(14.8WH)
Charging input: Type-C 5V/2A
USB Output: 5V/2A
Charging time: 2.5~4.5h
Pressure accuracy: +/- 1PSI
LED lighting: 1W
Working Noise: 80db
Over-current Protection: 10A
Over-discharge Protection: 6V
Over Temperature Protection: 65℃

Common product pressure values(for reference only,This value can be changed according to your own situation)

Car: 2.2~2.8Bar
Motorcycle: 28~55PSI

Stroller: 18~30PSI
10-16inch tire: 30~45PS
20-30inch tire: 38~55PS
Road bike: 90~120PSI
Scooter/ Wheelchair/Moped: 30~45PS

Children’s toy Ball: 3~6PSI
Basketball: 7~9PSI
Football: 10~12PS
Volleyball: 4~6PS
Rugby: 10~14PS














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